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The Best Burgers in Brisbane

By: Hashtags Burgers

Published: February 12, 2022

The Best and Juiciest Burgers To Try in Brisbane

No one wants to gobble down a rubbery, crumbly, dry hamburger. That’s why knowing where to find the best burger in Brisbane or burger places in Brisbane is key so you’ll have a great mealtime. These places are all over the city. You can simply search for ‘burgers near me’ or ‘hamburger near me’, and your search results will give you a number of options to try.

But before you engage in finding the best burger in Brisbane, let’s first learn the secrets to having juicy hamburgers.

What Is the Secret to Juicy Hamburgers?

Whether you’re into traditional burgers or adventurous options, learning how to make juicy burgers is a skill you need to get them perfect every time. Most of the biggest burger places in Brisbane know that the secret to grilling the perfect burgers is all in the meat. You need to ensure that you choose only quality ingredients to get the best quality burgers at all times. 

Here are a few tips to help you grill the perfect burgers.

Tip 1: Choose less lean meat. Remember that fat content can affect the moisture in your patty. It means that if you’re grilling a burger with beef that contains 20 per cent fat and 80 per cent lean, then you’ll come up with a juicy and luxurious burger every time.

Tip 2: Do it gently. It’s highly advisable to be gentle when forming your patties. You need to apply as little force as possible when compressing your burger. Pressing a burger is like making bread; the more you overwork your pastry, the more your dough will get tough.

Tip 3: Create an indentation in each of the patty’s centres. Creating an indentation by pressing your thumb into the meat will prevent it from puffing. Thus, allowing the heat to spread and cook it evenly. 

Tip 4: Don’t attempt to press your patties using a spatula. Let the meat cook on its own. A spatula only forces the juice out of the meat, leaving it dry and crumbly. So, use your spatula for flipping alone and remember only to do it once.

Tip 5: Remember the carryover cooking time. When cooking patties, always keep in mind to pull the burgers off your grilling station once it’s shy of your intended doneness. Pulling them off when they look perfect means that they’ll get overdone once you put them in the buns.

Tip 6: Add a bit of water. If you prefer lean ground beef but want it to be juicy, adding a bit of water should do the trick. Adding a bit of extra moisture can help you get your well-done burger patties to remain juicy, even if it’s 90% lean ground beef. All you need to do is mix ¼ cup of water for every pound of meat before moulding your patties.

What Is the Best Meat for Juicy Burgers?

When it comes to the best burger in Brisbane, ground beef will always be the best choice, especially when it’s 80/20 ground chuck. If you want juicy burgers, you need to ensure that the meat you choose is 80% lean meat and 20% fat. You’ll primarily get this from the shoulder, which has the ideal 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio.

Also, you can get the perfect ground round from the back of the cow, upper leg, near the rear and the rump. But if you can’t find any, you can get a portion of sirloin and fat of chuck to get an 83/17 ratio when mixed.

How Do You Form the Patty?

Although it may seem simple, there are several things to remember when forming the patty. Aside from putting the basic seasoning, such as salt and pepper, you’ll also need other ingredients to maximise its taste. For a basic patty recipe, you need to include chopped onions, dried herbs and chopped garlic into the mix.

Although it’s tempting to put excessive seasoning and flavouring into your meat, it’s always best to put the right portions to keep the patty’s meaty taste. Adding too many ingredients might cause your patty to fall apart. 

When mixing the meat, you need to ensure the right fat-to-meat ratio. Ensuring that it has at least 20 per cent fat balances the round’s leanness. It’ll also contribute to its beefy flavour. You can use the same technique when using ground turkey or pork.

If you can’t grind meat at home, buying a portion of pork fatback from the butcher is an excellent choice. You can add it to the grinder, together with your beef, to give it the required 20% fat content. If you are a bit adventurous, adding one part of ground sausage should do the trick.

Practical Tips for Handling Raw Ground Beef

Bacteria can grow from ground beef if not appropriately handled. That’s why it’s essential to keep your ground beef stored in the refrigerator until you’re about to cook it. It’s also best to check the expiration date before you buy it. 

You’ll know how fresh a lump of meat is by its colour. If the beef is pink, it’s likely new. Meanwhile, if the outside of the meat is grey, then don’t use it. You can store ground beef inside the freezer for up to four months, but you need to thaw the meat overnight before cooking it.

What Is the Best Burger of All Time?

If you’re looking for the best burger places in Brisbane, then you’ll never go wrong with Hashtag Burgers and Waffles. We prepare our burgers differently by sourcing only the best ingredients from top quality sources.

Each of our burgers has its unique style and flavour that will undoubtedly satisfy your every craving. From burgers made of slow-cooked pulled chicken to the classic beef patty, smokey bacon, cheese slices and more toppings, you’ll definitely get the taste of the best burger in Brisbane. And don’t forget to try our I’m a Vego. It’s made with a crumbed beetroot patty.

Aside from burgers, we also make the best waffles made with homemade buttermilk and paired with the best drinks to quench your thirst. We also have super loaded fries.

You’ll never go wrong with burgers on any occasion. If you’re on the lookout for the best burger in Brisbane, then visit us at Hashtag Burgers and Waffles. We’ll give you a unique style of dining with amazing food and good old Fortitude Valley or West End vibes!

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