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The Best Burger in Brisbane

By: Hashtags Burgers

Published: June 14, 2022

Over the past two or more years, many have been forced to hone their kitchen skills as everyone tries to cook for themselves more than they’d hoped to before. And whilst there are so many recipes that are easy to prepare, a handful of meals seem to hit differently than they do when you order them from the best restaurant.

A classic burger may seem easy, but a gourmet burger requires more than the burger patty and cheese between two buns. There are a lot of complexities behind every gourmet burger recipe that are invisible to most people. So, how do you recreate the best burger in Brisbane at home?

How Do You Create Flavourful Burger Patties?

Most people automatically assume that having a grill is the only way to create palatable burger patties. Fortunately, you can still cook them even by using your stovetop and a pan. When cooking your patties, you need to ensure that your pan is as hot as possible and your patties as cold as possible.

Next, ensure that you evenly cook both sides and coat them with seasoning. There’s no need to add oil to cook them. That’s because the pan’s heat will be enough to prevent the meat from sticking, and the patty is easy to flip.

Whilst you let the burger patties cook, you can add a dash of olive oil as you grill the onions and toast the buns. Then, you can assemble them and add the other ingredients that you like, such as cheese, bacon and lettuce. 

Lastly, you can add a tablespoon of butter to the pan to add extra flavour. It’s a perfect combination, especially if you want to add some juiciness to your burger patties.

What Is the Secret to a Gourmet Burger?

The secret to the best burger in Brisbane is all about the ingredients, particularly the seasoning. You need to find the right blend to get the right formula for your gourmet burger.

Most professional chefs often season their burgers liberally with coarse salt and coarsely ground pepper as part of the essential ingredients. It’s an incredible way to create juicy and flavourful burgers that suit everyone’s taste.

Secret Tips Revealed:

  • Wet hands to prevent the meat from sticking when making patties. 
  • Let the meat rest in the fridge until you’re ready to cook it. This technique prevents the fat in the patties from melting immediately when exposed to heat

.The second tip helps create pockets of flavour inside the patties, making them juicier and with a nice sear. 

If you’re looking for the ‘best burgers near me’ recipe on your phone’s browser, a gourmet burger patty must be fresh and made with quality protein. Whether it’s chicken, beef, veggie or fish, you need to ensure that it is entirely made fresh.

Salt and pepper are the staple seasonings we put into meat to add taste to them. But for a more tasty patty, why not use herbs and other spices? Liberally, it is also ok to choose capers or anchovies for some dimension. Sweet relish like pickles are also classic add-ons. Adding bacon, barbeque sauce and Worcestershire sauce can work, too.

Egg is a natural binder for a sticky patty. You can forego with eggs when making a patty, but ensure that the meat has greater fat to make it stick.

What Sets Gourmet Burgers Apart From Classic Burgers?

All burger places in Brisbane have distinct qualities that make them unique. Aside from the taste and value point, other factors make gourmet burgers stand out. 

Gourmet burgers aren’t a typical part of burger places in Brisbane. So, the difference between classic burgers and gourmet burgers isn’t only about the amount you pay each time you order. The quality of ingredients that chefs use can also make a huge difference in their taste.

To source the ingredients you’ll use, it’s highly advisable to check out your local produce. It can be from the farmer’s market or even the grocery store’s local section. Most people would agree that grass-fed free-range lamb or beef produces the best-tasting meat by producing a unique and flavourful taste. Chefs even cook them upon order to ensure that it’s always fresh when served.

Lastly, the best burger in Brisbane often uses mushrooms and barbecued onions to give it extra flavours. They sometimes even use avocados and various cheeses to give it some extra kick. You can also put a few pickle slices to add a tangy taste to your burger and other condiments, such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

What Is the Best Gourmet Burger in Sydney?

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