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The Best and Juiciest Burgers You’ll Ever Have in Brisbane

By: Hashtags Burgers

Published: April 7, 2022

The city of Brisbane is home to a long list of wonderful things that visitors and tourists would surely love. Among the most significant of these are the mouth-watering and juicy burgers that the best burger places in Brisbane are selling.

Over the years, these food joints have perfected their respective famous burger recipes. Most of them have unlocked the most-kept secrets to making juicy burgers.

Have you tried the best burger of all time?

The best burger in Brisbane, Hashtag Burgers & Waffles, is known for having the best hamburger recipe in Australia.

Let’s discover their secret to juicy burgers!

The Secret to Juicy Hamburgers

Almost all burger places in Brisbane are seriously perfecting their burger recipes. This is because a majority of their customers prefer juicy hamburgers. To live up to their customers’ expectations, they make their own hamburger recipes.

Here is what they do to keep their burgers flavourful and juicy.

 1. Using Beef with 80/20 Beef-To-Fat Ratio

The preparation of patties starts with selecting beef with ideal beef-to-fat ratio. This ratio goes around 80% of beef and 20% of fat, which makes the burger patty leaner, healthier but juicier. 

Some burger places in Brisbane are also using beef but with a 90:10 ratio. However, this technique usually results in leaner but less savoury burgers. Despite their less juicy textures, these burgers remain a hit to customers who prefer the least greasy variants.

 2. Applying Salt Right Before Cooking

Salt retains the natural juices of beef patties. It has properties in removing water and helps soluble and insoluble proteins bind together to keep the meat’s nutritional content and flavourful taste.

Do this only right before patties hit the pan, because adding salt long before you cook the meat will lose their moisture and become unpalatable.

 3. Using Butter

Although most famous burger recipes use leaner beef on their burgers. They add zest to the patties by melting some butter into the skillet or brushing some melted butter on patties whilst on the grill.

 4. Cooking the Patty Properly

Proper patty cooking is another secret to making succulent burgers. This is why Hashtag Burgers & Waffles is investing a lot of resources to train staff on proper burger preparation.

Our kitchen team is advised not to squeeze the patty to prevent it from drying out. Instead, we cook patties and serve them as luscious and appetising as they should be.

 5. Allow the Burger to Rest

It takes 5 minutes before serving the burgers to allow the flavour to seep through the patty. Once properly cooked and flavours are evenly distributed, they are ready to serve to hungry customers.

Egg to Ground Beef for Burgers, Anyone?

Adding egg to ground beef used to make burger patties is a common practice among burger restaurants. The egg serves as a binder to keep the patty’s meat together, and it adds a twist on the taste of the finished product.

However, Hashtag Burgers & Waffles has the best hamburger recipe in Australia, and our hamburgers are perfectly planned. The patties come only in pure meat seasoned with salt and pepper, and we don’t add eggs to ground beef.

We believe that:

  • Adding egg to the patty extends the beef. This goes for a meatball instead of a burger.
  • Adding egg changes the flavour of the patty. Thus, this defeats the customers’ expectations to eat a pure hamburger.
  • Adding egg alters the protein buildup of the patty. As a result, the texture of the burger is changed. 
  • Adding egg into the ground beef can make the burger unsafe for customers with allergies on eggs. 

What Is The Best Burger of All Time?

Among the popular burger places in Brisbane that know how to make juicy burgers, we, at Hashtag Burgers & Waffles, take pride in our famous burger recipes. If it is not mouthwatering, it is not delicious!

What makes our burgers irresistible? It’s a blend of old and modern combinations! The beef burgers we serve are made from high-quality lean beef patties cooked to perfection and served along with luscious dressings.

Hashtag Burgers & Waffles, one of the best hamburgers near you, gives you the best experience you will ever have in burgers. Check out our range of burgers and other exciting food options that will surely satisfy your cravings for good food.

Visit Hashtag Burgers & Waffles now or book a table for your friends so you’ll never miss the chance of picking your favourite burger dish.

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