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Give Your Burger a Crispy and Fluffy Upgrade with Waffle Buns

By: Hashtags Burgers

Published: July 1, 2022

The bun is a deciding factor in creating an enjoyable burger experience. The meat, toppings and bread must all come together for your ultimate enjoyment.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your burger, try the new waffle buns best burger in Brisbane. These unique and tasty burgers are perfect because they provide fluffy goodness.

Waffle bun burgers are one of the best treats among the gourmet hamburger recipes. These delicious hamburgers will please your taste buds.

What Makes a Quality Burger Bun?

At Hashtag Burgers & Waffles, we use quality buns to achieve the fullness of flavours in all of our burger recipes. The bun complements the harmony of flavours and textures in a hamburger. Sometimes, no matter how good your patties and toppings, the burger taste doesn’t make sense when the bun is bland.

How do bun makers make quality buns?

Standardised Bun Production

To ensure a moist and tasty best burger, the buns shouldn’t crumble or break when touched with your fingers. Most bakers use a process called sponge doughs to make their goods. This involves swelling and fermenting the bread until it has improved flavour, as well as longer shelf life, which in turn makes for better texture on your bread.

The best burger in Brisbane has a fresh, tasty bun feel. From ensuring optimum dough development to keeping temperatures low, the buns will be cooked to perfection.

For buns to taste good and be uniform in size, shape and colour, it is crucial that they are all standardised. This will make cooking procedures easier for the best burger in Brisbane restaurants because no extra time or effort is needed into making sure everything matches up perfectly. 

Crumb Quality

The bread must have an ideal texture. The dough needs to be firm but flexible enough for the moulding process. Well done buns must have crusty golden tops, which add crispness and tasty feeling when served. 

It is also important for buns to have less cracks or holes, better if none, so that they won’t absorb the juices coming out from the patty meat and spices. Bun texture should be able to hold the fillings, preventing the bread from becoming soggy.

Bun crusts should have no cracks when served. It is pleasant to see crunchy and shiny crusts, but they are not desirable to eat when they crack. The moment you hold the bun, sandwiching the fillings, and when everything falls, including the crust, is truly a mess.

Perfectly Shaped Buns

We have the idea that when buns are delivered in bulk, they are stacked on top of each other. The more these buns maintain their shapes means they are perfectly baked and will stay fresh longer. Nobody wants to eat a burger with flat buns.

Fast-Food Chains Define Requirements

The fast-food industry is a competitive one. To ensure that their burgers always look good, each chain has developed its own set of standards for baking bread and must maintain strict quality control.

The following are common mistakes in burger buns that must be minimised in the production process:

  • Uneven shape of the buns
  • Dough structure is too firm
  • Irregularities and holes on the underside of the buns

Why Waffle Buns?

Delicious and unique best burger in Brisbane waffle buns are a must-try for any burger lover. The waffle bun adds an extra layer of crispness that not only goes well with the juicy patty but also provides some lightness when paired with different toppings.

Unlike traditional oven-baked or fried bread, waffle buns come from being pressed between two hot cast iron plates that give them an incredible crispy exterior, as well as help lock in all those juicy flavours of the patty inside.

The best burger in Brisbane waffle buns are a delicious way to enhance your typical burger experience. They add both flavour and texture, which will be sure not only to satisfy but also keep you coming back for more!

Hashtag Burgers & Waffles: Burgers That Give You the Good Feels

Waffle buns are a delicious and unique twist on the classic hamburger. With flavours that will satisfy all your cravings, these burgers have been one of Brisbane’s favourites for years! We highly recommend them because they not only taste great but also provide an interesting texture in each bite—what could be better than something crunchy alongside juicy meat?

Hashtag Burgers & Waffles is the best place in Brisbane for gourmet hamburger recipes. As one of the unique burgers around the world, why don’t you try our waffle bun burgers? Come dine or order now. 

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