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Everything You Need to Know About a Vegetarian Burger

By: Hashtags Burgers

Published: September 22, 2021

What makes a vegetarian burger distinguishable? Its patty is meat-free which is usually made from ingredients like tofu, beans, grains, nuts, mushrooms and seeds.

When talking about the veggie burger invention, there have been several claims. It may have been made in London by Gregory Sams in 1982. He called the dish ‘Vege Burger.’ Both Sams and his brother Craig had managed a restaurant selling organic cuisines since the 1960s in Paddington.

What Are Vegetarian Burgers Made Of?

The trend for vegetarian food has been up and coming for quite some time now. It made people become more creative in reinventing their favourite foods in meat-free form. Because of this, veggie burgers have become a modern craze. But some people’s natural reactions of confusion or disgust have also emerged. “Why try to fix something that is perfect already?” is the common question.

Burgers may be perfect already. However, there isn’t just one way to make them. Check out these options for the base of your vegetarian burger.

  • Veggies 
    • Vegetals are definitely important to vegetarian burgers. The majority of veggie burgers are made of ingredients like onions, corn and mushrooms. Make sure to select vegetables that add essence but won’t dilute down your burger. Choose ones that add aroma and flavour, but be careful not to overwhelm each other.
  • Nuts 
    • Adding nuts to your veggie burger patty is good because they are a great source of protein, healthy fats and rich flavour. When partnered with the right seasoning and veggies, they’re an amazing alternative for customers who are not into beans.
  • Beans 
    • There are a wide variety of protein-packed legumes in the market. The most commonly used ones are lentils or black beans because of their ability to boost other flavours. You can also use other types of beans or combine them with other types. 
  • Grains and Tofu 
    • Grains are commonly used in vegetarian burgers, but tofu isn’t widely popular. The most popular grains are wild rice, rice or quinoa. They are ideal options you can use to replace typical bases, or you can use them as additions when making your veggie burger. 
  • Seasoning 
    • Given that there’s no meat included, veggie burgers, in general, are well-seasoned. This brings out the aroma and some appetising rich flavours without overpowering the mixture of ingredients when prepared properly.

Is a Vegetarian Burger Healthy?

Are you actually making a healthier choice when ordering a veggie burger at your favourite restaurant? Well, it depends. The ingredients of a vegetarian burger greatly vary. You need to pay close attention to what your burger is made of.

  • YES, it is healthy! 
    • Vegetables, legumes (lentils or beans) and whole grains are what most veggie burgers are made of. These ingredients are highly beneficial in terms of your health as they provide different vitamins and minerals, as well as fibres. 
  • NO? (for store-bought ones) 
    • Veggie burgers from the store may contain a fair amount of calories per serving. In some brands, the sodium content can also be extremely high. There are some store-bought vegetarian burgers that contain 390 milligrams of sodium per patty. This is 17% more of the recommended daily intake. 
    • The preservatives and long list of ingredients are other issues of a store-bought vegetarian burger. Choose brands that keep everything simple; some contain as few as 4-5 ingredients. Make it a habit to read the ingredient lists carefully.

Whether a veggie burger is the healthiest choice there is when dining out can be difficult to determine. You have no clue about what goes into it, and the list of ingredients isn’t often available. But it does not hurt to ask though.

Why Veggie Burgers Are Good for You

Before, veggie burgers were considered an option reserved for people who were on a weight loss plan or vegetarians. Today, veggie burgers are highly popular in the market. They are a great option for anyone who wants to follow a healthier lifestyle. 

If you love a beefy burger because of its aroma and rich taste, you might want to try switching to a vegetarian burger. Here are some reasons why:

  • No or Fewer Preservatives 
    • Preservatives are very common in processed foods. These are man-made or natural chemicals added to foods in order to prevent them from spoiling. They help extend the foods’ shelf life. Preservatives are a big drawback for you in terms of health concerns, especially those found in meat burgers—sodium nitrites. This can lead to life-threatening illnesses, such as leukemia or brain cancer.
  • Low Calorie and Low Fat 
    • A vegetarian burger makes a great addition to your daily diet, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight but don’t want a major diet makeover. Patties from veggie burgers are low in saturated fat, making them an ideal healthy food. A veggie burger patty has about 3 grams of fat compared to the 10 grams of fat from a regular beef patty. Keep in mind though that not all veggie burgers contain a low amount of fat, so make sure to read the labels or ask your supplier.
  • Help Prevent Illnesses 
    • Some vegetarian burgers can help you in preventing possible diseases. For example, soy (which is one of the ingredients) contains phytochemicals that aid in lowering your body’s LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol. The soy in a vegetarian burger also helps you prevent osteoporosis, as well as other bone diseases, by retaining calcium in your bones.

If you’re looking for the best veggie burger recipe in town, check out Hashtag Burgers and Waffles. We offer a massive variety of burgers, including a vegetarian burger that’s made of crumbed beetroot patty. It’s delicious! Try it today!

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