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Burgers West End

By: Hashtags Burgers

Published: June 10, 2021

Looking for the best burgers in West End is a rewarding experience. However, doing this is not easy because most restaurants in the area are serving burgers. Given this, it is best to conduct the needed research first, going out and do the search. Try to research the significant features of a good burger. You can also consider the following.

Has Soft Brioche Bun

A good burger uses a soft brioche bun. This type of bun makes the burger look more appealing to the eyes. When prepared well, a soft brioche bun provides a unique look reminiscent of the classic burgers regarded as all-time bestsellers.

Furthermore, the use of a soft brioche bun dramatically enhances the overall taste of the burger. According to experts, this type of bun comes with a soft and fluffy structure and a relatively sweet flavour. (1)  These features blend well with all the essential ingredients used in most burgers. Thus, a soft brioche bun makes a burger a level higher over variants with different bun types.

Has A Good Amount of Fat

Contrary to the common notion, a good burger comes with a good amount of fat. Many experts agree that a burger with about 40% fat tastes better compared to those with less. (2) Aside from providing better taste, the fat content within this range makes the patty and the burger moist and more delightful to eat. This is why many successful burger chains are investing more to source patties with the ideal fat content.

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