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Best Burgers Near Me

By: Hashtags Burgers

Published: June 11, 2021

Burgers are among the most common foods sold at fast-food chains, high-end restaurants, and specialty food joints. (1) It is also a popular option for those fond of eating sandwiches that combine bread, meat, and vegetables. Due to this, the phrase “best burgers near me” has become significant among burger lovers. Not only that, the ever-increasing demand for burgers has become a motivation to some of the established burger joints in the region to open more branches. The majority of these expansions were done with one thing in mind: to bring burgers closer to those who want them.

Hashtag Burgers and Waffles: The Best Burgers Near Me

Hashtag Burgers and Waffles is a premier food joint specialising in creating and serving a range of mouth-watering burgers. Since day one, the joint has consistently been providing its customers with the best dining experience. For years, they have continuously expanded their operations. They have opened more branches in the region and continue to cater to their customers’ needs. Presently, Hashtag Burgers and Waffles serves the following burgers.

Beef Burgers

Hashtag Burgers and Waffles is the best option for individuals looking for the best burgers near me. Every branch serves the truly delightful beef burger labelled as the Pickle Me Elmo burger. This beef burger is full of protein and prepared using the first class, moist, and lean AF beef patty.

Chicken Burgers

Chicken burgers are also served in every Hashtag Burgers and Waffle branch. This type of burger is regarded as one of the store’s bestsellers. Many customers prefer to order chicken burgers because they are rich in protein, good for the heart, and boost the body’s metabolism. Furthermore, chicken burgers are also good in preventing bone loss, promotes eye health, and helps build lean muscles.

Vegetarian Burgers

Hashtag Burgers and Waffles also caters to the needs of vegetarians. They serve vegetarian burgers known for their rich burger taste but without the meat. (2) In addition, vegetarian burgers are among the store’s bestsellers because these are easier to digest and lower fat levels. Thus, it is a preferred option not only by vegetarians but health-conscious customers as well.

Hashtag Burgers and Waffles Other Offers

Hashtag Burgers and Waffles is also known for its diverse food choices. Their latest menu currently includes the following.


The waffles served at every Hashtag Burgers and Waffle store are 100% homemade. These waffles are made from buttermilk and cut into strips to create the so-called waffle sticks. They are deep-fried and then intricately dusted with cinnamon sugar.


Hashtag Burgers and Waffles’ array of desserts are also among the store’s most sought-about attractions. Among the most popular is The Nutty Professor, Little Bit of Pud, Pretty in Pink and more. These delicious treats are typically served along with the store’s signature drinks.


The ultimate Hashtag Burgers and Waffles experience will not be completed without mentioning the store’s very own loaded fries. This is among the customers’ most favoured sides. It is available in regular, barbecue loaded, and the version served along with the extra-kicking buffalo sauce.

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